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I also remember from the old version that the Wizardry skill was meant to give resistance to mana-draining attacks (at least it says in the help files that it should,) but did not actually do so. I always assumed this was a bug, but I have found the same thing seems to happen in the latest version, ie even with fairly high wizardry, monsters that drain mana are always successful. (This is with a new character, not one imported from the old beta)
While the always succeed, they deal significantly less "damage".
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Ok, that makes sense.

I've noticed something else that is not quite right. When you examine a Potion of Resistance, the description says it gives resistance to fire, cold, electricity and acid, but when you quaff it, it also gives resistance to poison.

I'm not sure if this is a bug (ie it gives poison resistance when it shouldn't) or just an error in the description, so it should mention poison as well.
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