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Announce DaJAngband v1.0.95 Released

bugfixes since 1.0.93:
- fixed/updated some stuff about monster recall and monster symbols in the help file.
- fixed a bug which sometimes gave you extra slime or silver poison or makes you confuse monsters when you load a saved game. (This bug might still happen in savefiles from 1.0.93. other than this, savefiles are not broken)
- the 'Slip into the Shadows' spell works now. (if you cast it in an earlier version, the game will crash -at least it did on my computer). ..I really should've noticed that and fixed it before releasing 1.0.93.

changes/new stuff since 1.0.93:
- a few minor monster tweaks as usual (one not so minor: The Static drake is no longer invisible -I didn't intend it to be invisible in the first place. Sorry to any one who has met a static drake in an earlier version..)
- added HURT_DARK flag to make the necromancer's darkness spells more interesting. (most light fairies, unicorns, tree monsters and zhelung lizards are hurt by darkness).
- Four more classes are added: Necromancer, Assassin, Tourist, and Barbarian. Wizards now start out with the weapon I meant them to start out with. (didn't catch that until now because I rarely play that type of class).
- staffs and rods of perception are now called staffs/rods of identify. (Also the prayer "perception" is now known as identify).
- metal shod boots can be dwarven, added a deep ego launcher "of Steady Aim" which gives confusion resistance, and other ego & artifact tweaks.
- added an invisible luck stat which has various (mostly minor) effects. Black cats can actually lower your luck now.
- berserk rage, charm, frenzy, and fear now raise your spellcasting fail rate (by 5% to 10%, not cumulative)
- added partial poison resistance for kobolds and hobglibs. They are now less resistant to poison than they used to be, and still have a use for permanent resist poison items.
- added three somewhat experimental new monsters: gnawing bug (got the idea from part of Psi's ent ranger story) and two silver monsters. All three new monsters are pretty deep and rare, so I probably won't be meeting them very often myself.
- implemented sentient items, good and bad. good sentient items give slight bonuses to prayer and will give penalty to black magic. Bad sentient items do the opposite. Good sentient weapons also count as blessed for priests. There will probably be other minor effects of good and bad sentient items in the future. There is also a corrupt flag on the One Ring now, but it doesn't do anything yet.

Download link:
(DaJAngband website link is in my sig)

*Necromancer class: Specializes in the Black Magic realm which tends to have more drawbacks than other realms but has just as powerful combat spells as the wizardry realm. Has very slow STR (like the V mage). Has similar spells to the OAngband Necromancer, but no shapechanging spells (I might add them later if I can figure out how).
*Assassin class: A black magic version of the rogue class. Instead of starting with high stealth, he starts with decent stealth and gets +1 stealth every 20 character levels. He also gets a damage bonus against sleeping monsters. He prefers the crossbow over other range weapons, but is good with any of them.
*Tourist class: A unique class. The idea is from Nethack, but don't think of the Nethack tourist because this isn't much like it. His skills are all pretty bad except for searching. He specializes in two types of spells: detection/perception type spells, and chance/random outcome type spells. He is one of only a couple classes in DaJAngband who have weak pseudo-ID, but he gets the identify spell earlier even than the mage.
*Barbarian class: Similar to the warrior except that it is much harder for him to get multiple attacks. Instead, he gets a significant bonus when wielding heavy weapons. He also gets a few nature spells (including an 'extra attacks' spell in the last spellbook). His skills are generally worse than the warrior, but he has higher strength and hit die than any other class.

*Chance spell realm (Tourist & Rogue): kindof a hodgepodge including several spells with random effects (like wonder in V except different types). Included is a Tourism & Travel book for the Tourist, an escape book for the escape artist and rogue and a chaos book for the chaos warrior. There is also a Lottery book with random effect spells including an aquirement spell with nasty backfire effects even if it does succeed.
*Black Magic Realm: Largely borrowed from OAngband necromancy spells, except no shapechanges. Black magic users get very few healing spells, most of which have a cost in addition to the mana cost, but some get attack spells that are just as strong as the mage's attack spells. Several black magic spells have a chance to give you a timed effect which aggravates demons because that is the nature of black magic.

a couple unique new spells of note:
- Telekinesis (Tourist and Thief): Allows you to pick up an object from a distance as long as it in is your line of sight. Good for if a tough monster is guarding an object that you want.
- Drain Charges (Necromancer and Assassin): Heals yourself by draining charges from a staff or wand of your choice. (just like some monsters do) Amount healed depends on clvl and how much charge you drained.
- Become Lich (Necromancer -in the last spellbook): A timed spell with several effects including immunity to cold. But also slows your regeneration, cancels temporary fire resistance, and makes you aggravate animals and creatures of light (monsters with the HURT_DARK flag). (I know it's pretty unrealistic to temporarily become undead, but I thought it was a good idea anyway.)
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