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Announce: DaJAngband v1.0.93 (pre 1.1.0)

bugfixes since 1.0.92:
- some messages are fixed from when I toyed with the idea of changing the ELEC element into stench and then changed my mind. (aren't you glad I didn't do that? too.)
- silver & slime effects should work now (their effects were extremely rare before the fix unless you got to a deadly level)

changes/new stuff since 1.0.92:
- waybread isn't quite so expensive and cures 3 points of slime instead of 2. (adding the slime attack to green glutton ghosts makes them a bit more troublesome, but I kinda like that.)
- expdrain is a little more drastic than before (may be made more so later).
- implemented STOPREGEN flag for the One Ring and a couple other cursed artifacts. (Finally! I still don't know why it didn't work the first two times I tried to implement this.) Like you would guess, it stops HP regeneration.
- priest and thief classes are finished*. a couple races have been tweaked.
Changes based on suggestions for V I read about in rgra:
- a few old mushrooms have been replaced by more interesting new ones.
- speed potions inflict hunger. some healing potions have more nutrition value to risk satiation.
- blades don't tunnel as well, certain classes and races prefer certain types of weapons.** (in the form of slight to-hit bonuses or penalties).

Download link:
DaJAngband website:

*Priest class: harder to play than V priest for 3 reasons: 1) slightly worse strength and fighting skills, 2) prayers in prayerbooks are arranged with the paladin in mind rather than the priest, 3) There are less 'priestly' weapons that you don't get a penalty for. (but when you do get a penalty, it is not as severe as in V.) The old clairvoyance prayer has been replaced by a prayer which gives temporary telepathy, priests also now get a prayer of resistance (like the mage spell).
*Thief class: Pretty bad at fighting (and may get slightly worse), the thief is a master of stealth and speed. He gets intrinsic extra speed and monster aggravation has less effect for them (weapons which normally give aggravation give -5 stealth instead). He is not great with magic, but better at it than the rogue. He uses the alchemy spell realm, but has one spellbook which is unique to the thief.

**some character weapon preferences: rogues prefer crossbows over bows, rangers don't get extra shots but still good with bows, archers and rangers not as good with crossbows or slings, crossbow not a priestly weapon but a sling kindof is, assassins prefer crossbows, high elves and fairy gnomes don't like crossbows, hobbits like slings.
Warrior not as good with priestly weapons, barbarians (which aren't implemented yet) prefer polearms and axes to swords.
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My old variant DaJAngband: (defunct and so old it's forked from Angband 3.1.0 -I think- but it's probably playable...)

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