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What are your macros?

I'm curious about how other players are using the macro/keymap feature. I do use it but I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few of the finer points myself.

ctrl-a call light
shift-Z zap rod of trap detection (this was behind my genocide problem, thank you Timo)
ctrl-z detect traps, doors, and stairs
ctrl-c cure light wounds (never falls entirely out of use)
ctrl-v orb of draining
ctrl-b bless
ctrl-h resist heat and cold
ctrl-g sense surroundings
ctrl-f identify
ctrl-d heal

Usual item inscriptions
@z1 rod of trap detection
@z2-4 varies, usually includes teleport other
@z5 rod of recall
@r1 phase door
@z0, @r0, @u0 identify
@q0 cure critical wounds
and the usual spellbook stuff

I don't have any escape macros set because I don't habitually use them. That could be part of why I'm so terrible at playing mages.
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Max Stats
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My macro list is huge. My playing history goes way back to the DOS days, and I have always liked the roguelike keyset (which reduces the number of available macro keys, particularly the SHIFT and CTRL variety), so I got used to ALT-key combos like ALT-P for phase door and ALT-T for teleport.

Years later, when I came back to Angband, I found that I retained these old macro habits. Problem is, under a normal Windows executable, ALT keys don't work, because they trigger Windows menus. At first, I could use the console version, but eventually the console versions stopped being compiled. I tried to find a free C compiler and compile my own console version but could never get it to work. Eventually, my solution was to install Linux on another drive and boot to it when I wanted to play Angband. The things we will go through to play a game we love!

I think my macro list is too long to post, especially since I have multiple lists for the different character classes. All I know is that I could never go back to playing without them.
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[F1] detect monsters
[F2] detect traps/stairs
[F3] detect treasures
[F5] Af (activate phial/star)

personal favorite
[F9] 099k-ay - destroys a stack of items on the ground

a few keymaps
@*1 identify (r, u, z)
@*4 tele other (a, z)
@z6 -detection
@q1 !CCW
@q0 statgain, exp, and aug potions
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x - Rest until healed
` - basic ranged attack at closest target
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The only macros I have that stick for all characters are keypad + and X. The former destroys the item I'm standing on, the latter casts identify. I also bind !, @, etc. to detection and, for spellcasters, attack spells.
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