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Its 4am - what are you drinking?

Okay, its 4am. Ish. You've been playing your favourite *band since teatime and you know from the ASCII behind your eyes that its time to sleep.

Problem is, you just got down to a fun depth, and if you get into bed now, you'll just lay awake, mind in overdrive thinking about that sweet vault you cracked 2 floors ago and how much you like your new sword, even though your body has just about given up.

One more dive, you think - hardly believing it yourself; lets face it - sometime around 5am, you'll be banging your head on the desk, because you just made the fatigued keystrokes that beat out the dull rhythm of the inexorable dance to character death.

But still, its only 4am, and you'll likely be heading to the kitchen at some point during the next hour, to "review your options, whilst taking refreshment."

First question is, what are you drinking at this point? Or eating, or whatever...

For me its usually stomach-crampingly strong black tea with brown sugar, black because I finished of the miilk at 2am, brown sugar to ease the cramps, and the fatigue sickness, and it ends up strong because in this zombie state I usually forget I started making a cup partway through and leave the tea bag in.

Second question is, why didn't you just go to bed?

For me, the answer is simple: I've had too many cups of black tea...
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