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Mage-er Change

Like arrows in a quiver, these are the pages of our spell-book.. (for U.S. folk who remember a gawd-awful show called "Days of Our Lives", you'll recognize the parody, I hope...)

Mages / Priests, I think, should start off with a single book containing a single spell. As they play through the game, they collect more scrolls of new spells / prayers to put in their book. The book should be impervious to fire, I think, yet, not wholly in-destructable or steal-able. Some level of protection ought to be necessary. A new, blank book can be purchased or sometimes found.

Spell and Prayer scrolls would all be collectible in a single volume, though.

I know many would say this makes mages / priests too powerful as they would have many more slots available. I would disagree, as the mage class, in particular, is quite weight-encumbered-challenged already. I cannot tell you how many mages I have in the beginning levels traversing dungeons at -2 or -4 speeds.
Spell / Prayer scrolls can either be in inventory slots, or like missiles, fulfill the book-quiver slot.

These options would make the mage / priest class more interesting to play, yet not make them overly powerful in any way. Indeed, they would be more challenging as they have to find or buy each and every spell. Based on a spell-scrolls prevalence, it might be for sale in Magic shop, it might not be. Coders could not guarantee a ? of Magic Missile, e.g., is always there, but there would be a good chance it would be. Same for the Priests.

As is, finding the advanced books are often key to winning with the pure spell classes. It's very trying as a mage in the mid-30s level-wise, to find Raals, e.g. If/When a mage does find Raal's the game becomes much easier, as a mage finally has a good set of attacking spells. Up to then, the set of basic attack spells is relatively weak against most mid-range mobs with high HPs & uniques with almost all the Base Resistances. Mages have little choice but to try and whittle away at foes. Priests fare a bit better in melee, but are still quite challenged in the mid-levels. With a spell-scroll system, the game would be much smoother in terms of incrementing mage/priest prowess. In the current setup of books, finding a book is a HUGE upgrade in power-level, in many cases. Too much of the game balance swings with the locating of a single volume for the pure spell-casting classes.

Having looked at the code, this would require a major re-write of the spell system---which probably needs to happen sometime anyway.

One could structure it whereby say Mages / Priests could memorize 100% of the spells / prayers found, Paladins, Rangers, or Rogues could only memorize a subset of those (similar to the system today, but more restrictive) - say 75% or even 40% of the total number. I.e., choose carefully which spells are most critical.


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