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i might have to start uploading my gameplay to youtube too
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Having picked up a wand of TO on DL20 I dropped down 11 floors from DL28 to DL39 very quickly from two ?DD scrolls and the first young dragon I encounter (a blue one I was so dastardly to risk taking on) and kill drops me boots of speed <+5>. Then on DL42 I find boots of speed <+10> and a scroll of "prus por" turns out to be acquirement in a fairly well guarded vault (had to use up all my TOs and recharge the wand as my main damage output is from a short bow of power), procuring a fine artifact helmet of Telepathy for my weakling Dwarf Ranger: +4 STR, +3 INT, +1 light, with ,Emergency activation. I also have rBase from 4 separate pieces of equipment: Amulet of rAcid, armor of rLightning (bought from a store), shield of rCold (bought from a store) and rFire from helmet.

It's not every day diving is so handsomely awarded.
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I was just thinking to myself last night why the game doesn't have cursed random artifacts that are useful: ie. some really good attributes along with the curses. This morning, I found what I guess is the first cursed randart that is useful. The necklace Celuil.

<+4> CON
<-4> INT

rPois, rDisenchant, rFire, sustains CON, sustains Life Force.

Makes skin harder to damage but conduct electricity
Periodically turns skin to stone
Cowardice curse

Now before you say "I don't know how useful that randart actually is" I recently acquired a cloak with *Remove Curse* activation. The curses range from 56 to 92 in strength, though I probably won't be able to remove the stone curse.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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