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My first mage win!

Quick recap of my first ever mage win!
This one is important to me, as its my first ever win at this game where i didnt save scum (something i have a nasty habit of doing when i get too invested in a character, especially if i have limited time to play). Additionally, disconnected stairs. This is another bad habit i got into playing this game (stair scumming). For this run i had to find stairs the hard way (or until i got the spell to tele level).

Early game:
Helpfully i found a *thanc dagger, the ultimate crutch for an early game mage.
Then i found another *thanc dagger. (Queue man with two knives Simpsons clip). It felt pretty good.
Cleared a lot of uniques by activating, throwing the spent dagger, equiping the next one, activating, and throwing it as well before blowing any mana.

Towards the end of the early game i came across the battle axe of Balli Stonehand, which would serve as my main primary weapon for much of the middle of the game. Additionally, i ended up finding the third *thanc dagger near here too

Found a ring of con +6! this would be my wield all the way up until the very final fights. Almost certainly the most valuable item i found outside of endgame kit for this run.
Started getting cocky, started taking potshots at uniques to see if i could take them. Was all going well (RNG wise), so had a shot at Gilim, after all hes just a giant and giants are fodder at this point.
My goodness was i wrong. Probably the closest i came to death at this stage in the game, and indeed before the end. He hits like an absolute hammer.
At this point im accumulating stats fairly quickly, and looking for Tome.

After finding Tome, started diving, at around clvl 38.

This is where the game took off. came across a gigantic, incredibly dangerous vault at dlvl70. 9-8 feeling level.
Over 13 OOD uniques, and some serious gear.
took my time and cleared the entire thing with TO. Only exciting thing to note was a big Q summoning as i stone to mud'd the wall, else it was smooth sailing until the middle...
Gothmog was awake and started boring through the walls. Drat. Helpfully though, when he pushed past all the monsters, he doesnt wake them up? thats nice of him. Cos when he came to me there were no fewer than 10 monsters with LoS, all asleep.
In this vault were 6 caps of telepathy, Arkenstone, RoS+12, RoS+7, Pauraegen, Mundwine, Gauntlets of Eol, Dagmor (which woulda given me 6blows per round as a mage lol), Hithlomir, and the helm of Gorlim.
Some serious gear. After this, i have all resist holes covered, but ironically enough, no ESP as my helm that i was wearing at the time was my only source in the whole game of blind/confuse resist. Ah well, its nice to have but not necessary.

After this i started hunting ringwraiths. They have nice drops, and by this point i was able to lay down some serious damage and wasnt really afraid of them outside of summons. And if they summon i would just leave and try again another time. Also got rid of a couple annoying uniques that just wouldnt go away such as Saruman, phoenix, and the prince of cats.
Got myself a serious speed ring near here too from Fundin, RoS+16. TO gothmog a few times.

Ready for the endgame:
At this point im basically tele level scumming for good feeling levels, killing ringwraiths and nasties that i can actually take.
Clearing vaults with mass banish and TO, and just taking what ever is there. Ive accumulated some serious consumables stash.
At this point Gothmog is being a real pain in the ass.
Try to give take him out but it goes horribly wrong every time i try. Choose to ignore him. Im really looking for the witch king here too as i dont want him summoned at the end of the game. After going between 97 and 98 he never showed up once. *shrug*.

After a little bit of this i came across another megavault. Unidentified adamant ring in the middle..., 8-8 level feeling O_O. To gothmog (seriously dude go away).
Its Nenya! This is my first ever ring of power across any play through in this game ever so im super mega pleased DD
Im up to clvl47. Its time to go home, eat some food, rearrange gear, and take a punt at sauron. My only hole at this point is i dont have resist confusion, but i have so much consumables etc it should be a problem if im careful.

I create an anti summoning corridor (i always feel bad about this but thats how it goes). For this fight i totally forgot that sauron can drain charges and heal with them, and i have a lot of staves and stuff still, so this fight took a lot longer than it should, as in the corridor i was in melee range the entire fight. In hindsight this perhaps wasnt the way to do it? Perhaps over-afraid of his summons. Ah well it works out in the end.
After some serious brain smashing and mana bolts i dont feel at all bad about the anti summoning corridor!
Sauron drops "stormwalker" boots that i choose to wear.

At this point im mega worried, and serious overgeared
Furthest ive ever gotten in the game without scumming.
I have my finger on the trigger to teleport level at the slightest sign of things going pear shaped. I TO everything nearby before he gets here.

Plan of attack is get LoS, speed, mana burn, resists up, Sound ball until stunned, then mana storm until hes dead.
Morgoth laughs at your attack.
hit him a bit, mass banishing summons if things get too hairy.

He summons some uniques. Here is the second most hair part of the fight. He summons gothmog (Jim Carrey "Oh come onnnn!" clip), and a couple others like vecna. I TO morgoth and TO his summons afterwards.
I regroup, speed up again, cast all my utility. Hes back, and woken up ancalagon the black and bringing him with him! Great.
Summon some doors, get rid of ancalagon. Also, gothmog is coming back (seriously dude gtfo! )
TO ancalagon, fight morgoth a little more.
Morgoth sneers.
We're getting there. He summons uniques, The tarrasque, witch king (there he is!). I get some doors out. He summons again, this time some big dragons including a worm of annihilation, things are getting a little out of hand now. I dimension door.... EXCEPT I DONT. Hairiest moment of the fight. I mis-cast dimension door and instead just open the door to the world into LoS of morgoth, witch king, tarrasque, annihilation et al.
Gothmog who i seem to have missed, breatest fire JUST as my temp fire resist seems to have run out without me noticing, and turns the entire room to lava, and me down to ~300hp. Nobody else moved or breated. Lucky to be alive.
I dimension door PROPERLY this time, heal, utility up, mass banish the nasty drakes, TO everything one by one as it approaches.

Morgoth is back, but hes out of steam and never summons uniques again for the rest of the fight.
And hes down!

My first win!

MVP items:
Ring of con+6, easily man of the match.
Special mentions:
Holhenneth, Balli axe, and Olorin. And ofc thanc daggers for getting me out of the early game.

Most dangerous badguys (or rather, tested me the most):
Gothmog, he just would not go away, and i just couldnt fight him without him summoning out of control.
Gilim, hold crap this guy is dangerous, moreso than i thought, nearly cost me the character.
Special mentions:
Maeglin, Osse

Thanks for reading
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Ingwe Ingweron
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You are ready to enter the next Angband competition.
“We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
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Good job! Personally, Ive yet to win with a mage. Just not my preferred playstyle.

One thing I tried for anti summoning corridors as a mage was to carve out a long corridor with a zigzag at the end. Stand next to the zigzag and bombard your enemy as they walk down the corridor towards you. If they summon something you cant banish, step into the zigzag and out of LOS.
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Pete Mack
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Well done! And excellent AAR.
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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
You are ready to enter the next Angband competition.
Maybe it is time for an Angband Mage comp?
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Congratulations! Saw you lurking on live.
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