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First True, Clean WIN!!!

Yep! Just got my first clean win. Made it all the way down to level 100 and smoked ol' Morgy without one single death!

A year ago I would not have believed such a thing possible. I've been playing for years but always with save backups. I thought anyone who did otherise would have to be a little nuts. But as I read about folks out there who played (and sometimes won) WITHOUT save backups I started wondering if it really was possible and maybe even fun. So this winter (I only play in the winter) I started playing clean. I would usually make it to exp level 30 or so before dying in some foolish way. And after each death I became a little more careful and a little more focused.

It does not hurt that this character was very lucky. Before level 70 I had Ringil, Cubragol, the shield of Thorin, and the Boots of Feanor. Not much later I found Narya and Vilya. I thought about bumming around above 100 for a while looking for some even better stuff, but then tonight just went for it.

Morgoth was more of a fight that I anticipated, but I held my own and proved victorious. I feel like I belong to some sort of elite club now that I have truly WON the game in the way it was intended.

I have only ever played dwarf priest (an easy character I've read). I may try something new next time.

Thanks! Thanks for reading, thanks for all your posts on the forum, and thanks to all those who maintain this great game!

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For a long time several years ago I also always used save file backups, not because the game was too hard, but because I got VERY tired of playing the first 30 levels over and over and over and over and over and over.

I recommend a rogue for something different, but still familiar.
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