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Crowfall videos + quick intro,open beta info and a bit of ranting

This is a kind of MMO/RTS crossover aka "Game of Thrones meets EVE Online" - thou before massive battles, building structures and economy make it into the game, it currently looks rather like MOBA than anything else.

It was kickstarted last year and already (as I type this, December 2016) counting 150 000 accounts and more than $10M of budget. The game is in alpha, and open beta (free tests) is announced for summer 2017, BUT! beware! - the game won't be free (box price).

Another silly detail: frequent changes of sex/class/race will be likely - account is tied to crow-spirit (and not to player's avatar), so after death you don't respawn but fly to find a new body!? Also, cartoony graphics should enable fights with hundreds of players, lots of physics and voxel building/destruction; Here is couple player made test videos:

- Siege & voxel destruction tests;
- Confessor (fire damage) playing with couple Centaurs;
- Ranger PvP.

The game will have very strong RTS feel - strategy, politics & economy will matter as much as - if not more than - individual player skill. Players will be able to physically build their own kingdoms (and to set game rules in it, including taxes to other players and turning PvP on/off) by... playing Tetris!?! Here is how early tests of that building tool look like.

In my opinion, the success or failure of indies such as this (or Camelot Unchained, Shroud of the Avatar...not to mention "indie" Star Citizen) is crucial for the future of genre, since not much seems to be happening "up there" on the AAA level. And of course, making PvP focused MMO succeed is quite tough business, to put it mildly.

PS I believe that IGN Wiki is good quick alternative to my incomprehensible intro. Anyway, it's better than the official site - shorter, to the point and doesn't ask for money
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Couple new videos:

- this is what you get by mixing Van Helsing with guinea pig (!) and giving it stealth;

- TheLazyPeon's recent alpha preview;

- ...and some combat footage by ItsZiz.

PS This is how death in Crowfall will look like (changes of sex, race, class!?):

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mmo, pvp, rts, sandbox, voxels

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