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Pete Mack
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V4: Gameplay notes

• Potion/scroll "piles" and special rooms are good. No more cloning death quasits/clearing immune dragon pits for stat gain! Increased probability of !Augmentation is also nice.
• Game is much better than 3.3 for balance

Spell balance
• Word of Recall isn't escape; it is convenience spell: all it does is save backpack space. Make it lower level/fail/mana. For mage casters only genuine escape spells are Create Doors, Create Stairs and Teleport level (full caster only)
• Current detect object behavior is totally unfair to non-Rogues. It's ridiculous that CL 15 rogues have better detection than a cl 20 mage wearing Holhenneth.
• In cavern levels, magic mapping no longer (even a little) optional. Should it be a Mage spell, perhaps in Mordy's? (If I don't have MM, I just use Create Stairs, which sort of defeats the purpose of Cavern.)
• I am not quite clear on why important utility spells aren't universally available. Except in Ironman, these just use up a slot that could otherwise be spent on something fun like Dragon's Frost.

Object balance
• Multiple pvals causes best and worst pval rolls to regress towards the mean. The most notable effect is that non-artifact deep amulets are weaker. Was this intentional?
• Black market power level seems to mean that utility objects like ?Teleport Level and --TO are no longer available when you are deep.
• Except for restore life exploit, recover stats objects are very rare. (Have seen zero mushrooms of Vigor.)
• TO is crazy scarce. Is this intentional? It makes game somewhat harder (good), but also makes it much less likely that player will crack vaults (bad) . At the least, make Rod of TO electricity resistant.
• Remove --Clone Monster. This is just a horrible hack for forcing easy drops.
• Too easy to reach 18/100. Bring back some amount of incremental stat gain above ~18/80.
• Too much insanely heavy body armor. Once upon a time, Armor of Elvenkind only applied to chainmail and light armor. Elves don't wear plate!

Poison and cuts
• Poison needs to do more damage per turn depending on poison counter (behave like cuts.)
• Cuts need to do more damage per turn. (Sil model, but maybe at 10% rather than 20%)
• You should be completely aware of cuts and poison counters.

Monster balance
• Not enough confusion distance attacks. Without Bronze Dragons rConf is no longer nearly so important
• Really like the new behavior of Deep Descent. Sayonara, Air and Water hounds!
• Melee is too quiet in LOS. Killed Great Swamp Wyrm in melee, and nearby monsters in LOS did not wake up.

Manual pages
• What do the various protection flags do? (What is pStun?)
• How does Squelch work?

• {unseen} Flask of Whisky shows up as "Black" unknown object in food list.
• Sometimes Squelch turns off, but recovers on Save/Restore game.
• Diggers of Earthquake really should cause earthquakes. Because the higher level diggers were removed forever in the past, there is zero chance of earthquakes now.
• Monsters should be able to push past their sleeping companions of same level.
• Quiver behavior is mysterious. Why don't all arrows(+0,+0) stack up to some limit? When does quiver increase object count?
Preferred fix: bring back original quiver stacking behavior, but put a finite limit on total number of ammo in quiver (say, 100). Everything else goes in backpack.
• Some default colors are just too dark. On all devices I need to lighten b6,u7,D8,v17. If there is any glare at all (i.e. the lights are on or the sun is shining), these colors are invisible.
Teal and Cyan (Lt Blue) are(nearly) indistinguishable. I didn't realize they were different until I looked at color menu.
• Essentially all dragon-scale armor is Ego "Of Craftmanship". This is annoying.
• Stuff in your home should charge too. There's no gameplay benefit for stuff at home to remain uncharged, and it's just silly to wait for it to get charged when you get back to town.
• Mouse-click in stores/home behaves strangely.
First click selects item
Second click brings up menu (Examine vs. Take)
Menu doesn't do anything for X-amine, but works for P-Take. (Select or click X and you return to contents of house.)

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