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Death by Berserker Killing Rage

I have discovered that I am particularly susceptible to dying via mindless aggression, in which I forget to check hitpoints, etc., but just want to kill my foe(s) no matter what.

Apparently, I turn into Private Hudson from Aliens: "Oh, you want some of that?"
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Game over man, game over. Yeah, I have that same quirk. Main reason I play warriors with lots of hp. Carry on!
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I have a similar problem, but I wouldn't call it mindless aggression. A vast majority of the game is uninteresting, so a when a life threatening situation comes along I like to make the best of it, fighting on when more 'experienced' players would surely bail. Sure, I don't win very often, but winning isn't everything.
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I have the same problem with mindless aggression in Sil. And boy, the game is so unforgiving when you don't watch HP or you forget to swap the necessary resistance (e.g., fire resistance). I had this uber-powerful stealth-charge Feanorian character that got instakilled by a Young fire-drake because I was overconfident.
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Well, darn it, time hounds just got my latest character, a 39th level gnome warrior, on level 56. Best character and equipment I've had to date, too. This is getting to be a frustrating game. I kill my nemesis, Shelob, and then die at the hands of Underdog.
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