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RC2 is available

RC2 is now out and available to download from the nightlies page. We've fixed some of the bugs found in RC1, including hopefully all of the crash-bugs. Those bug-fixes and some improvements to the carbon/cocoa ports are really all that is new. Hopefully the Mac/OSX build will be up shortly. Please test-play and post any bugs you find here.

As always, source is available from github (RC2 is revision 1732165).

I personally apologize for the long delay between RC1 and RC2. Hopefully we won't find any pernicious bugs and we can release 3.4 in early to mid September.

Happy crawling,
Angband dev-team
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Hey, thanks for the release. I noticed something funny when using Shockbolts tiles. When I originally start a game with RC2, then I select 4x2 tiles, I can see 11 tiles up and down when centered. If I select the option to enable nice graphics, everything gets bigger to the point where I can only see about 8 tiles up and down. The strange issue is, there is no way to get back to the original size where I can see 11 tiles, without manually adjusting the ini file. Even if I de-select the option to enable nice graphics, it doesn't change anything. The workaround is never to select the enable nice graphics option, or if I do, then I have to be able to manually put the ini file back to the way it was before i selected the option.
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