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XP from other sources

how does it work?

for example, the XP you gain from spells, how does that work? Does it increase, or decrease, depending on what level you are, when you first cast a spell ?Higher or lower?
And using items, *sometimes* i seem to get a small XP boost when i learn a rune. Is that in any way based on the power level of the item? I know i can get 3k XP for casting a high end spell.
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You get a level-adjusted amount of experience from casting a spell for the first time -- that is, higher-level spells give more XP. Likewise, you get experience from identifying things by using them, which I'm pretty sure is more for higher-leveled flavored items (potions, wands, etc.) but I don't know how it works for runes since runes have no intrinsic level. And there's experience for disarming traps (again, adjusted based on level of trap) and picking locked doors (I think this is always just 1XP). I think that's it aside from killing monsters and Potions of Experience.
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