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The fantabulous adventures of the wizard Jiffy

so, since i cannot win with anything except mages, here we go again,

Dunedain Mage. Starting stats : 8 STR (15), 8 INT (18/40), 4 CON (10).
CL1, 10hp, 2sp.

i buy +3 food (5), +3 torches, no oil, 1 CSW, 5 CLW, 4 ?phase, and Book2.

i nearly die to a snake, and use 2 CLW. i hit a ridiculous amount of teleport traps. i kill some molds, some jackals, an d a kobold, and finally ding to CL2, 19hp, 4sp.

no gear, and something invisible is on me, so leave and re-enter DL1 again.

I kill a harpy, some more mold, and it's CL3 21hp 2sp. Meanwhile, the next room seems blocked by some breeders, so i leave again, to sell and ID some gear. (id: !speed)
At this stage, i'm too weak to take on *anything*, and i need a bunch more HP and SP to go anywhere. Dunedain is slow, but i gather patience and grind on. I just need to ID Deep Descent and i'm ready to go, although, a couple extra ?Recall wouldn't hurt.
I run into anotehr bunch of breeders, and i decide to milk them. DIng, CL4 .. 23hp. Oh wow. 8sp.
I find a Torch Of Brightness which i immediately convert into money, and then a Book3. I start my adventure.
"i can take this dracolich"
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