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Originally Posted by MattB View Post
Some of my most enjoyable, and interesting, games (and, for that matter, satisfying games) have been chars that have suffered a stat scramble. Sometimes Angband can seem like repeating the sames steps over and over again, from game to game, and I find it interesting to occasionally play a weak warrior or a naive paladin etc. etc. In other words, characters that I would never have rolled at birth or, in most cases, could never have rolled.
I actually kind of agree with that sentiment... for games that are about that random element[1] -- it's the totally arbitrariness and randomness of stat swap that really annoys me. (Personally, I prefer games that can be beaten in a deterministic fashion, if you choose to.)

[1] I don't think Vanilla Angband fits in here. It's pretty much beatable at-will if you have enough knowledge at tactical experience with it.
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I'd say having a low str on a warrior or a low int on a mage is less of a deal early game anyways. Troll mages can't cast so well but have the str/melee to biff things just fine after all. Besides you've got plenty of game ahead of you to change the situation & being weaker (or dumber) isn't going to be critical if your carrying teleport scrolls, healing potions & a scroll of recall.
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