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Making player status effects less binary

Most player status effects (blindness, confusion, slowing etc) are binary - either you have it or you don't. Traditionally there have been two exceptions: cuts, where the severity governs how much damage the player takes per turn; and stunning, which has increasing effect on spellcasting, combat proficiency and device use. In the development branch there is also bloodlust.

Arguably, being sufficiently fed is in the same class, with regeneration being impaired when the player gets very hungry. Recently there have been suggestions to make hunger more interesting and to increase the effects of stunning.

While we're examining this, I think it's worth considering making some other effects less binary. The most obvious candidates to me are confusion, poisoning and paralysis, but perhaps also haste, slowing, fear, and even things like Protection from Evil. So, for example, low level confusion might allow spellcasting with increased failure rate (or chance of casting the wrong spell!), and a chance of successfully reading scrolls; higher level confusion might mean not just difficulty walking where you intend but walking at random when you mean to stand still.

What do people think?
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