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Virtua Sinner
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Running Issues in UMoria 5.6?

"Vanilla Angband" seems like the best forum to post this in - after all, Moria isn't an Angband variant, but the other way around.

I'm well into a UMoria 5.6 game, but the command to run (Shift and direction) doesn't work properly. If my character is in a room, it works fine. If he's only one square away from a square where he wouldn't be surrounded on two sides by walls, it works fine (i.e. I can run the last two squares of a hallway). But anywhere else in a hallway, the run command just results in advancing a single step. I'd assumed there was an option I had toggled incorrectly, but none of the options in the options menu seem to make a difference.

Anyone else ever encounter this? Easy fix a noob can apply?

Thanks, everyone!
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In Angband, there is an alternate means to execute a run command, by pressing . and then entering the direction. Is something of the sort available in UMoria? If so, try running that way. There have been times during the Angband development cycle when people reported bugs with shift-direction running, but I, running with ., have had no trouble with those builds.
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Virtua Sinner
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Excellent suggestion, but I already tried it. By switching to the alternate command set, I can enable "." to be used instead of Shift, but the effect is the same. Running stops as soon as walls are on two sides of my @.
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