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I added a "Statgain" tab to my spreadsheet not too long ago:

Helps you maximize those gain 1 lose 1 potions. 18 (aka 18/00) is the best time to consume one, giving 26.5 "hundredths" on average. At 18/67 and above you're losing more than you gain (except right at 18/90 where it's break-even).
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Pete Mack
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I use them whenever my prime stats are above 18/09. First, use the off-primary stat swap pots to get up above 18/00. Then use the primary ones to recover from any degradation.
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I just checked this by editing a character to have 18 on all stats and drinking !augmentation. Got 18/27,21,36,28,32. Maybe the logic has changed since you last checked.

EDIT: Oh, I misunderstood I think. You're saying you don't want your primaries to go down unless they can be gotten back up easily. Waiting for over 18/09 is exactly right for that purpose. My mistake.

EDIT #2: Actually, I'm pretty sure you're better off doing it at 18/01 and above. From 18/01 to 18/09 your losses are less than anywhere else.

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