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Struggling to Beat Angband - please Help!


I've been really struggling to beat Angband. I want to beat it with a mage, and my most recent character Rella died after a decent go at it. I posted her here:

The two best characters I have lost have basically been one-shotted to death.

The character before this got one-shotted by the large Dragon Ungoliant or something like that.

In Rella's case, she was at 2150', and had a decent dungeon map. It said I needed to be cautious or something. There wound up being an undead pit, and said pit had a RingWraith in it.

After waking up 3 or so uniques, and not being able to damage them badly enough, I took to teleporting the other two uniques away.

In the final case, I walked towards a room, and saw 2 uniques (one being the ringwraith. I had decent speed, and decided to walk away and the damn ringwraith one shotted me with mana storm or something. I think my total hit points was only 3 less then the damage given by his bolt.

Can you guys/gals take a view of the character and maybe offer some advice?

It's been frustrating to have a couple of decent games and try to begin farming the 2000' level for stat gain potions only to get one shotted twice.



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I'm sorry no one got back to you to help you out.
I'm afraid the moral of the story is, if you don't know what a monster can do, assume it can one-shot you and run away.
Each time you get deeper you get more of a feel for what does what.

I remember the first time I got into the dlvl60's. 'I wonder what plasma hounds do?'.
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You don't "beat angband" - angband OWNS YOU!

And, there is a meme for that . . . .
It's a 1982 Honda GL 500 Silver Wing Interstate, my daily commuter.
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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by Freddo View Post

I've been really struggling to beat Angband. I want to beat it with a mage
Mages are fragile. I suggest trying warrior, paladin, rogue or ranger before trying mage just to get hang of the game. Mage is perhaps the hardest newbie class. They rock in late game but die pretty easily in early game.

Basic rules are:

1) Always know where your enemies are (detection)
2) If you don't know what it can do, assume it can kill you.
3) Never ever get surrounded by several big ones at once.

Akhorahil + Hoarmurath counts as "several big ones".

4) be faster than your enemies
5) have as much HP as possible (CON and con-boosting equipment).
600+ is enough to survive everything except Morgoth manastorm and unresisted basic four & poison. You absolutely need those five to survive deep into dungeon.

Ungoliant is a spider. A really, really, really, big spider.

Reading Silmarillion and LoTR could help a bit (also having degree on ancient dead or near dead religions could help somewhat).

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re: Mage

Too bad that my players guide is not finished yet ... with that you would easily get a clue *grins*, so let's see what we can do for you.

Basically your character was quite wonderfull from equipment and one can argue if it was a big mistake to advance towards the uniques, but then ... each time you die you learn something valuable about the Monster powers.

One big Point i can see tho:
Str 18, dex 17, Con 11 ...
Con 11??? No surprise that you got instant killed with a CB of -2 making it a total of con 9. The first con Points do not give too much Bonus HPs, but i guess it would have been enough to survive (your HPs Show -25). So maybe start the next mage with int +8 (12), con +6 (6), str +2 (2).

Hope this helps with the next mage ... and of course *comfort* for the lost char.
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