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Angband 4.2.1:


(1) After defining rogues with the 5 magic books used in mages and redefining 54 mage "magic books" i encounter random crashes on startup during the "initialization player classes ..." phase.
About 2/3 of all startups crashes, the other 1/3 reach the choose [N]ew or [O]pen from file menu point. Does only happen with a replaced class file in /lib/user. See 2nd post for code snippets.

(2) I would like to have the different classes have different XP modificators.
Could you please either re-introduce "info" or add "exp:"?

(3) What i would further like to see is: the possibility to have the town generated like in 3.5.1, a rectangle without any lava or such things.

(4) I don't find any books in "object.txt" anymore ... where is the weight / deepth of books defined please?

(5) the old player class is missing the "sleep monster" spell, only mass sleep and sanctuary are available. Is there a bolt available to define a "sleep bolt" ?
Or can just STATUS_BOLT:SLEEP_ALL can be used?

(6) What is the town/dungeon flag good for in the magic books? If i change "dungeon" to "town" in the Arcane Control magic book, i expected it to show up
in the bookshop, but instead the game just crashes ...


(7) store.txt does not define the number of spell books available in the shop. If i change the mage spell books, the 1st three are available in the shop.
Is that hardcoded somewhere? Why not use the same structure as in the other shops, and let the available books be defined in store.txt?
Something like this:
always:magic book:Mage Spells
always:magic book:Attacks and Knowledge
always:magic book:Magical Defences

(8) store.txt
A parse error occurs, if i want to define magic books that are not always but only sometimes available in the bookshop. Like:
always:magic book
normal:magic book:Magic Missile

(9) Enchant Armor: Sometimes it targets my equipped weapon instead of let me choose an armor item.

Blondes are more fun!

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