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Help for my Human Warrior

I've posted a dump of my character here:

I'm just picking up angband again after a few years again, and I have resolved to not save scum this time! The game is even more fun when death is around any corner! After losing a bunch of mages and rangers below dlvl 10, I've got a warrior to stick, and even make it further down than I have been in about 10 years.

I've been swapping between Thranduil and Thengil as I need R confusion. I just found the amulet of Carlammas (+con) and an amulet of Sustenance (+sustains and +hold life) and I'll swap between those as needed (unless Carlammas is just better).

I feel like I can equip myself better, especially in the weapon department. I'd really like to use the Glaive of Pain or the Extra Attacks weapon, but the Axe of Bali Stonehand is the only thing giving me see invis and R blind in my current kit. Helm of Seeing and Aeglin could also provide Rblind, and maybe I could swap for see invis / count on telepathy?

Is there any stuff in my house that can go? I'm not sure if its worth keeping the dragon scale mails, or if any of the weapons should be sold.

I'm also loath to go lower than I am now without speed. Is that accurate, or can I drop lower? (60? 65?)

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