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JEB Davis
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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
Remove momentum. Restore the glory of great axes and greatswords! I don't understand why people want to streamline everything else out of existence (moving Sil ever more to a single "best practice" build), but don't want to remove the ability that broke things in the first place.
I agree with this.

Originally Posted by Gothmog
1: if you have no torch but have a weapon of Gondolin equipped I want the tiles around you to be turned blue when enemies are near by

2: magma pools (it's Angband they are bound to exist)

3: Utumno artefacts (I also want artefacts to feel more "special")

4: An option to go up Thangoridhrim when you reach the surface (it should have different map generation, new enemies and items to give players an incentive to go up there and maybe rescue Hurin

5: More interesting vaults and the ability to add tiles more easily (especially to the vault palette)
Also massive vaults (bigger than Morgoths throne room) AND vaults that are guranteed to spawn (and take up the whole floor) which will allow custom maps eg Barad Dûr which would be very cool

6: Fissures that bubble with magma at a radius of 1-2 tiles

7: Balrogs get fire breath ability and a ranged whip ability which can disarm

8: Palantir artefact it has 3 charges and will reveal the entire floor, after the 3 charges it will take a point of will when you use it

9: staffs that cause a flood

10: more ominous messages like "you hear a distant howl" an example I have come up with is "you hear growling" or "you hear the crackle of fire" which would mean a Balrog or Dragon are nearby, or "you hear a rumbling laughter" - Morgoth mocking you

11: Morgoth can occasionally set his will against you which will temporarily make enemies attracted to your position or it could slow you down or make you hallucinate
And the original post.
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Chasms interact weirdly with darkness right now. When they aren't lit, they're displayed as blank squares, but hovering over them with the 'Look' function will reveal them. I'd be nice if they were displayed normally, just like walls or immobile monsters.

EDIT: Perhaps this is just an issue because I'm using the curses interface, which apparently doesn't support the full color palette. If that's the case, 256 color support would be nice!

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Suggestion: Please edit creeping horrors out of the game. Dropping your staves and generic, non rAcid items works perfectly well since they aren't exactly powerhouses, but going through the whole song and dance of dropping 8 items every time I encounter one is quite annoying, as is trying to kite them.
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I like them! They're a mix of Melwips and those stalker statue fellows. As in, they can potentially cause damage beyond the current engagement (which Sil likes) and dealing with them asks you to fight or flight, both with pros and cons.
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I like them too. I had quite a promising character die a while back when I chased a shadow bat in to a dark room only to find myself fighting 2 creeping horrors which were now blocking the entrance. I can't say I've ever felt the need to drop gear to fight one.
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