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Having thought about it I don't think I want tanks, much less supertanks. I want to focus on personal combat, mechanised warfare is a giant can of worms I don't think we can open. If you have something the size or a Ratte, your enemies will bomb it, and you shoot down their bombers with orbital laser platforms, and we're back to the basic plot point of the supremacy of the imperial fleet which I contrived to avoid this. Rockets are a given though.
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Rockets are cool. But not on the same level as a Lazy guns or the UnGun. (Banks, Mieville)
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That was kind of the point of my previous comment and image. What would a player do when facing a tank the size of a city block? Die without the tank even noticing.

David Brin does a good job of having the super-weapons, while still needing troops to take and hold the ground.

Gordon Dickson's 'Childe Cycle' is probably the closest to what you might want, if you can ignore the logical fallacies, that is. Childe_Cycle
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