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Feature request: scramble the monster list when hallucinating!

When you're hallucinating, there shouldn't be a way to tell what monsters there are around you --- but the monster list doesn't get affected, so you can use that to check what's nearby. This shouldn't be possible!
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I think the issue actually is that there are a couple of bugs with the monster list implementation.

For instance, if you save while hallucinating and reopen, you'll get a message in orange about how you can't see clearly since you're hallucinating. But if you are playing and start hallucinating, you'll still see your original list.

I know that the monster list only redraws itself when it detects that it needs to (e.g. the list of visible monsters changes). I am pretty sure that this is a bug whereby hallucinating does not trigger this redraw.

There is also a related bug that the hallucination message does not clear the entire subwindow, so that even when it triggers you can still see most of the "old" list. Obviously when used as the "see monsters" command this isn't an issue, since the output gets overwriten by the map.

I will try to see if I can write a patch to fix this.
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I just put this in DaJAngband. When you hallucenate, the monsters displayed in the monster list have about a 75% chance to display a random fake monster instead of the one that is really there. This also applies to short monster descriptions as in "you hit <monster>. <monster> squeals in pain"
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