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Morgoth on last *

After playing moria in the 90's I got into angband last November and have been spending somewhat too much time on it. The highlights have been running out of last torch <:| ... and then breathed on by a light hound and able to read my Recall! I lost a promising young adventurer to file corruption & spent a number evenings hacking the source code to reconstruct per dump file, only for another YASD.

My last character (half orc priest) found Ringil at cl32 & had a pretty easy time thereafter. Then found Feanor. Even with this plus other goodies Morgoth was hard going as he summoned so many monsters could only just keep alive. Tried teleporting away, and letting him find me outrunning his summonees. Made progress and got him down to 1 *. But ran out of healing potions. Morgy had had several hits on last *, so I tried one more, rather than teleport out the level - oops, killed by Black Reaver.

I scummed up my backup save file and then tried again with a Mace of Disruption of Extra Attacks - MUCH easier... not a real win I know, but feels good enough for me for now :-).
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In the future, you should be abusing the heck out of the priest's healing spells and potions of Restore Mana. If you run out of the potions and low on mana, then teleport Morgy away so you can rest up a bit. Priests have zero-fail cheap heals; it's their best feature.

Congrats on making it that far, though.
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