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I ate a swig of orcish liquor, but I think I'd much prefer to quaff it..

A ring mimic nearly killed me; bolted me with fire, clawed me, poisoned me and left me with 1 health. I think that was the most menacing attack I've experienced all game. Even the saber tooth tiger was less ferocious.

A couple levels later I quaffed a potion of enlightenment on a 7-6 level at 1500', the second promising level of my venture thus far (picked up mithril armor in the late 20s). But I dropped my katana of venom for an artifact cutlass of crap (rChaos, +1 Light, (+9, +9). Of course I was not able to get back to the katana due to an ogre mage that was always quicker than me with a penchant for summoning. Low on ?phase doors (1 left) and _Teleportation charges (2 left) I finally decided to ?recall and died shortly after to an aggressive doombat.

I think I'll do my fave combo H/T Warrior next time.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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