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How to post character info

Hi Guys,

I apologize if this has been covered before, but I searched the forum and I couldn't find the answer. I've seen people post a character dump of characters that are still alive, including stats, inventory, etc., here on the forums. Is this a screen shot or an actual dump that they are posting? I did a character dump that came out as a .prf file, but I'm not sure how to post it here or even open the file. Any insight you can provide will be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Big Al
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A .prf file is a dump of your preferences, not your character. For a character dump press (uppercase) 'C' to view the character, then 'f' to save it to a file. (It saves the file to ~/Library/Preferences/Angband on Macs, I'm not sure where it says the file on other operating systems, though it should tell you when you save the file.) You can then upload the text file to the 'ladder' section of this site - it's the tab just to the left of the 'forum' tab.
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The other thing people do is once they have made a character dump per Big Al's post, they cut and paste it into a forum post. I think the "code" tag makes the dump scrollable within the post.
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Thanks very much!
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