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The post summons you (3x)

Maybe this is just me, but generally, if I'm interested in a thread, I need to read it from the beginning, or at least a few posts.

However, when I click on a link from the main page, it takes me to the final link. If I press "home" it takes me to the top, but it keeps returning me to the bottom multiple times until the page is finished loading. I, for one, find it easy enough to navigate a web page that jumping me to the end of the page seems irrelevant. Can this behavior be changed?
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It jumps you to the last post, on purpose. I suppose most people are interested in the last reply on a thread. It was the same for newsgroup, BTW, it took you to the last post in the thread.

As for your browser playing tricks on you; well just let it load fully before navigating around. Sorry I don't have better advice.
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Daniel Fishman
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What I would want it to do, ideally, is to jump to the last unread post in the thread, like clicking the down arrow next to a thread in the forum does.
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Look in the link do you see the #2344 or what ever at the end? Remove it. Fixed.
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I personally use 'hybrid mode' (under display modes in the upper right corner) for this forum. It displays the entire thread in a tree-like structure in a separate window and also notes which posts are unread. I found browsing the forum quite annoying before I found the hybrid option. Also, the 'new posts' link (center, top of page) is nice to ckeck every once in a while (that's how I found this thread).
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