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Maximizing Forges?

Got a _revelations in my current game and was wondering if anyone knew what the best way would be to use it.

Say I arrive on 950 feet on turn 18000. I will have roughly 11000 turns to find forges since min depth becomes 1000 feet at around 29000 turns AFAIK.

If I just go up and down the same set of stairs on 900/950 feet, how are my odds of finding forges? Would it be better if I wait some turns in between? Somewhere between 2000 (game begins to force forges to generate) to 5000 (guaranteed forge)? Does anyone know the formula for the chance for forges to appear?
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Just go up and down and _rev + _treasures on each floor. Usually you will find a few things worth grabbing so you can get the most out of your rev charges. But if you got an early enough rev staff you probably have like 15 charges, so you don't need to try too hard to conserve them. Make sure you examine the whole map carefully (not just in the M screen), as sometimes it won't show forges due to how it condenses the map. You want to look around with ctrl-L (I think that is the key)
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Yea, I kinda realized last run that perhaps I should have been more liberal with my charges. I had a 9 charge rev staff (charged up by _recharging) and was so preoccupied with trying to protect it from everything until I reached 950 feet that the act of doing so actually killed me. I never got a chance to use any of the charges haha. At some point, the life of that staff became more important to me than the life of my rogue. I guess I'm a bit overprotective because of what happened to my Feanor a while back (no _rev all game so I didn't see enough forges to make use of my smithing investment).
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