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On March 19, Find Traps, Stairs and Doors shows some doors in unmapped areas as wall tiles.
Cloning Nightwalkers for XP
Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Better to be down a point in INT than be suffering under 300HP at dl 70.
I should probably take note of this.
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I will be back around to bugfixing in due course (or maybe I'll just wait for PowerWyrm to find them all).
Gonna take some time. My current bookless egoless hobbit mage makes me revisit 1000ft a lot of times...
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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In the latest nightly, a randart game generated only two rings of power (one is The One Ring).
Not sure if bug or by design, but i think we should always have 3 RoP +1.
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
1. Wands of Stun monster seem too powerful. Even my warrior character will be stashing them for the end game, the way they are now. (Is there no saving throw for them?) With them, enemies are essentially helpless in melee.
There is no saving throw for Stun/Hold/Confuse/Slow, which is part of trying to make effects more useful. As they currently stand they are too useful for sure, suggestions for change welcome.

(from lib/help/attack.txt)
Stun Monster:
  Reduces the monster's melee accuracy and damage by 25%
  1 in 10 chance that the monster will miss the turn
  Doubles chance of player getting a critical hit
  Normal duration 5-10 turns
I guess it could be reduced in duration, the damage reduction could be less, or maybe the criticals could be toned down a bit - they are a bit OTT at the moment. I would prefer tweaking these things to adding a saving throw because I worry that moves things too much in the other direction of being so unreliable as to be useless again.
"Physician, heal thyself."
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How about making stunning just reduce the monster's accuracy and maybe spell failure chance? Accuracy and damage means their overall damage output is reduced by ~44% (1 - .75*.75), which is clearly excessive. And my intuition is that a disoriented combatant can still swing plenty hard, they just can't necessarily see what to swing at.
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Pete Mack
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I don't care as much about hold, though it's too much like a directed phase door to be allowed. The others are just crazy strong the way they are implemented now.
1. Power is unaffected by monster power. So a level 5 wand of stunning knocks every monster--even Morgoth--helpless for 5 normal speed turns, corresponding to 15(!) turns at speed 30. Power^2/mlev is a better choice; then make wand of stunning native to level ~15. Morgoth would be held for 1.5 normal turns, or 4.5 effective turns, with one turn lost to zapping the wand.
2. Melee is actually reduced by more than Derakon's estimate, because it's not hit probability that's reduced by 25%; it's the 'hit chance', which is used against the player's AC. For high AC, this is significantly more than a 25% reduction. It makes even dlev 70 monsters helpless in melee. (Level 50 monsters barely leave a scratch.)
3. There needs to be more uncertainty than just device fail rate. Something that uses the ratio of (player + device level)/mlev would be appropriate.
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Perhaps hold should work like sleep in that a monster will emerge from it when they are damaged.

Another option is to give high power monsters the ability to "fix" problems. So some monsters should have a "cure_self" which means when they're debuffed, they take a turn to fix themselves. You could also give some monsters "cure_monster" potions, which allow them to cure out of effects some limited number of times.

Basically it would look like this.

Sleep monster: Effective against un-smart monsters (animals etc). No guaranteed effect (can fail). Monster wakes up when it takes damage. A monster awoken by taking damage from the player is temporarily hasted, and cannot be reslept for some number of turns. Sleeping monsters that wake up naturally have no haste, and can be reslept immediately. Sleeping monsters can automatically be "pushed past" by other monsters. Sleep is an early game option, and is primarily meant as an escape.

Hold monster: Effective against all monsters. Monster cannot move, but can still do ranged attacks and melee attacks. Held monsters will always do a ranged attack if available. Can be cured out of by monster abilities. Held monsters can always be "pushed past" by other monsters in back. This is primarily meant as a tactical way to deal with strong melee monsters. It is more powerful than a phase door, but more expensive as well.

Stun monster: Increase spell fail rate and reduces damage from non-spell attacks. Can be stacked, like player stun. Monster has a saving throw. Select monsters can cure out of it. This is meant as a debuff used for tactical battles. Should also be possible to produce from specific (blunt) weapons, wielded with a sufficiently high strength.

Weaken monster: Decrease monster melee damage output by a flat amount (say 3-5 points of damage per hit). Cannot be stacked. Cannot be cured out of. This should be an early level spell for priests. Can also be produced with sharp weapons wielded with a sufficiently high dexterity. (can make a stronger version for later game as well)

Confuse monster: Monster cannot cast spells, and fumbles attacks some percentage of the time. A fumbled attack has a chance to land on a random target. Most effective against dumb monsters (i.e. this is a crowd control option against animal packs.) Select monsters can cure out of it. Brainless monsters are immune. Staff of confuse monsters is eliminated (too powerful). This is a powerful debuff and should be more of a later game item/spell.

Slow monster: Monster speed reduced by some amount (less than one full turn). Cannot be stacked. Select monsters can cure it by spending a turn. No saving throw allowed, but some monsters (those with free action) are immune. This is meant as a weaker alternative to a potion of speed. Most powerful between levels 10-30.
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I cloned the git and compiled yesterday (10th April) and took a run at it. Here are some comments:

New traps are working excellently. I don't really notice the difference until I feel like 'hey shouldn't I be detecting traps or something?' and the answer's no. Some of the new traps are pretty interesting too.

New ID system is really innovative and looks really good. It's a little frustrating at first, and takes some getting used to, but definitely an improvement.

Mixed feelings on the new cone breaths. I can see why it's been done but I'm not sure that I actually prefer it. Will have to play more to form a proper opinion.

I think unresistable status effects are the wrong decision. It makes things far too easy. Monsters need the chance to make a save. I can't think of any other game that works this way, and while it's great to see Vanilla getting some degree of character, this is too much at once. I can see that a lot of work has been done on it but I would honestly roll back this change.

Final note, decapitalising many of the monster names is jarring, but this falls under the 'could get used to' category.
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I see healers have snuck into the monster list? Neat, though I haven't really had a chance to see them in action yet, but I don't think they should be the same colour as ninjas - light green the same as druids would be more logical, maybe?

And yeah, status wands are currently way overpowered, but I must admit there was something gloriously satisfying about zapping a wand of stun monster and having it just work and actually do something useful. So I do think it's definitely worth continuing to experiment with ways of balancing always-successful effects so they're not so overpowering. In addition to fiddling with the effects, tweaking the number of charges might be a factor to think about - we're used to status wands being unreliable and having plenty of charges to spam, but no reason they can't be limited to say just 2-3 at a time before needing recharging.

And for a more off-the-wall option, what about combining all effects into a single wand/spell of "incapacitate monster" that gives you a random status effect? Keep them all fairly powerful and effective but make it impossible for the player to pick which specific one they're going to get.
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Pete Mack
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There's only a low level variety of healer, and they go down to a single ice storm--with useful side effects to all nearby monsters. At native level, their friends die too quickly for them to have significant effect.
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