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Smile FrogComposBand Noob questions

Hi, I am having trouble understanding a few aspects.

-When personality is set to chaotic, does it affect your character differently when you pick a monster such as a spider as opposed to a normal race like a human? I feel like when a god polymorphs me and I'm playing as a monster, it does nothing.
Also related question, when a god says "Let me mold thee!" what does that do? It seems to reduce random stats by -2 or -1 and give roughly the same amount of stats back in a different stat location but sometimes it adds up to a net positive and sometimes not. Is there just a separate roll that is calculated after you receive that god's "mold" effect? It always seems to affect my most unneeded stat in a positive way and reduce a needed one, lol.
Also, from my understanding the stats gained from your personality, ie your chaos patron in this case, these can make it so you can get a higher maximum stat at endgame?

-I always seem to be holding way too many items. Not enough space and always micro-managing my inventory wishing I had something to hold all my potions or scrolls. What are the must have potions/scrolls you should always carry? I play on normal game speed. I understand the answer varies based on your class, but as a warrior I always have a few of the best healing pots i can find, Heroism in one form or another, antidote pots, resist heat/cold pots, scrolls or a staff or whatever of teleportation, potions of curing, mushrooms of quick recovery, arrows or iron shots, and usually a staff or rod of enlightenment and some way to identify my items. Also I sometimes stash potions of restore stat/life levels but I feel like this is unnecessary as you can go get healed. And that's my usual loadout at level 20. It's way too much or not?
Related question - strength doesn't increase the amount if item slots you can carry, only the combined weight of items, correct?

-I have trouble judging if I am able to go to a certain dungeon somewhere on the map. Last time I was level 30 and tried to go and complete a quest at the Giant's Hall. It was a lvl 30 quest so I figured it was a good place to gain levels. I got ambushed by a group of dragons, some elder and all different kinds. I felt like this was way out of my level range but maybe I was wrong, because I managed to get away and kill a few. But it happened a second time on my way there, and this time my supplies were burnt/used and I died quickly. Was it just an unlucky thing to have happen, an ambush of such greatness or I was in the wrong location at my level? I like the wilderness and I don't mind dying if it was bad luck or whatever, just having trouble trying to learn from this little thing. Is it possible to have escape an ambush using teleport, but then have the rest catch up with you after using the < open map to escape (kind of) and then coming back down > again?

-I have lots of questions about playing as rings and as death-swords. While playing as a sword or filthy rag, what exactly does absorb equipment do?? Everything seems to work fine when I absorb jewelry as a ring, but absorbing a chaos sword as a death sword will not give me a chaos brand? Am I supposed to be absorbing every good weapon I find and it stacks, or am I supposed to be choosing the best thing, and every time I absorb a wep the last one gets replaced? I don't know if i'm just wrong but from my understanding, you are supposed to be able to absorb the effects of the weapon, right? get different brands and slays. Idk why I didn't get that in my character info after absorbing that weapon. I think it was an ego weapon. Does it have to be a special instead?
I need more tips when playing as a ring. I feel like I never know enough about the thing that I'm riding. For example, last time I got Smeagol to equip me. I felt like this was a pretty decent mount and I had like 18/40 charisma or something at that early level, dumping it all into charisma. He threw my ass off like 25 turns later. Is this chance based on the monster at all or just your charisma stat? Should I just try dungeon diving as fast as I can down in a dangerous dungeon, and then look for a powerful mount, or is that stupid because the mount will just throw me off at such a high npc monster level? Or doesn't their level matter? Maybe I am getting too picky with choosing my mount as they never last a long time? Maybe I should only be looking for mounts that have speed since I can cast more spells that way.

-Sometimes, when going into a quest dungeon, the layout is completely open instead of having some tunnels, 1x1 areas to funnel monsters. Sometimes I feel like just failing the quest if it turns out to be a huge open circle which it sometimes is in the early bear den quest. is this wrong to do, am I handling it wrong or should I change my settings of the dungeons to small or something?

Thanks guys, I know I have a lot of jumbled up questions but any imput would be appreciated.
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