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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
In my variant which is based off V, when I put a debug breakpoint on object_value_real() for the One Ring, I get 400100000 from a base power of 20000. If like OP said the V power for the One Ring is 1400000, there will be an overflow in object_value_real() since you get value = a * power * power + b * power with a = 1 and b = 5 and power = 1400000 -> value = 1 960 007 000 000, which turns into 1 501 913 024 after fitting into an int32.

So the bug in indeed in object_power().
In 4.2.4, the object power for the plain gold ring is 41010 so the expression object_value_real() doesn't overflow. In any case, it should be modified to saturate at the maximum to protect against wraparound in case some other change inflates the values from object_power().
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keep in mind, i'm just reading the power value from the artifact spoiler file. I dont actually know if that is correct.
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