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Want to get this Warrior to win the game, any suggestions

First of all, Hello to all Angband Players here.

I'm new at the forum, played T.O.M.E in the past for quite some time and started with Vanilla Angband like 2 weeks ago.

Currently I play this warrior (attached) with RandArtifacts and I'm quite lucky with the equipment.

At this time I'm back at level 70 grinding for *Healing* Potions which i ran out lately on level 78 through some hard fights.

Maybe any good player may look at my equip what can be enhanced or the resistances what i'm lacking for going further.

Some specific questions:
How much of that Healing* potions are needed to beat the endgame?

Is speed +28 enough or should i aim higher?

Have a nice day and thanks for any informations that are helpful.

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This character is already well enough endgame-strong. Just few details catch my eye.
1) You REALLY should carry and use Scrolls of Phase Door. Short range blinking is really strong feature in Angband. I don't know why you have none in your inventory.

2) In melee fight with Morgoth, you need both Strength and Dexterity sustained or its gonna be a lot bigger hassle.

3) *Healing* needed is roughly based on luck (how often endgame opponents use mana storm), your speed and the amount damage you can do per turn. For this character 20 should be enough.

4) You want some Banishment and Mass Banishment for the endgame fights. Morgoth, in particular, is a wild summoner whenever he does not attack. Wands and staves should be dropped because both Morgoth and Sauron drain charges to heal themselves.

5) Speed +28 is very good for endgame fight. Just remember keep it at +38 with speed potions. Morgoth has +30 speed and you do not want to give him a chance for double turn.
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Man, randarts are good. I should turn them on for my next character. Maybe they're overpowered, but I'm still a noob, so I'm not going to complain.
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Pete Mack
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You *will* need rods of Teleport Other vs. Morgoth. He will summon uniques, and you'll need to teleport them after phase door. And you will want about 25 phase door scrolls to be able to take a quick break from melee.
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Yup, and not only for Morgoth --- they are one of the most useful items in the game.
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Hi and welcome! Always nice to have new faces on here forums.

My advice is as follows in order of importance:

1. I strongly recommend you get a source of ESP, especially during the final fights. Morgoth's tactics are such that you end up with a lot of dangerous monsters that you will not be able to see, but that will be able to see you. If you do not have ESP they will be able to hit you with massive amounts of damage from a distance without you even knowing what hit you. ESP allows you to see most monsters (the ones that have some level of thinking) even when they are behind walls, if they are within like 20 squares of you. There are situations where monsters can see you, but you cannot see them. The reverse is also true: when you can see monsters, but they cannot see you.

I would wear a helmet of telepathy and better boots of speed. Non-artifact boots of speed will be fine for you if you wear an amulet of trickery as "Trickery sustains dexterity. You should also not have too much trouble finding a faster ring of speed. Faster boots and ring will compensate the loss of the 5 speed on the helmet. But even 23 speed is plenty for the final fight so long as you are temporarily hasted to 33. The game is programmed such that speed increases stop being linear after +28 speed, and are less effective after +28. Each point of speed higher than +28 is not counted as a full point of speed, but only a fraction of; and the higher the number above +28 the smaller the fraction is. So, like, +40 speed is in actuality only like +33 speed.

2. I agree with others about rods of TO. Defeating the bosses without rods of TO is very difficult. Same goes for scrolls of phase door. They are very handy for improving your position while fighting the bosses as it will deteriorate very rapidly. My general strategy when fighting Morgoth is to melee him until there are too many scary monsters that can blast me. Then I ?phase and repeat the process. I often ?phase after only one to three rounds of combat, as things usually get real bad real quick. After ?phasing about 10 times, (especially if I'm not teleporting away monsters) the battlefield will become too dangerous to continue ?phasing, as there will be horrible danger everywhere. At this point you will want to teleport Morgoth away and then destruct the area to kill all the scary baddies M summoned.

Alternate to that strategy, I teleport myself away when things get too dangerous and wait for Morgoth to find me so as to have a fresh battleground to fight in. While I wait for him I'll kill nearby monsters that are weak to my alternate weapon for useful drops like berserk/heroism potions, scrolls of warding and scrolls of Prayer and more heals. . . In your case I'd go after Horned Reapers, as they won't breathe fire at you and you have enough AC that they will not bother you much in the few turns they get against you. Cyan Liches and Dreads/dreadmasters are also good as their drops are decent for how relatively undangerous they are. Dragons native to dungeon levels less than 70 are also great targets, but the ones native to deeper than 70 are always dangerous unless you're doing like 1400 dam to dragons.

3. If you destruct the area before you see Morgoth then that makes a safer battleground for ?phasing while fighting him. But you have to be very careful to be sure he is at least 16 squares away from you when you destruct, otherwise you are going to have to reset the level and fight him again.

4. ?phase is very strong in tight quarters and in twisting passageways and rooms with broken up line of sight. ?Phasing is very weak/dangerous in large rooms and long corridors. I strongly recommend you play around with ?phase doors. It's very useful to know that they will teleport you ten squares away.

5. While it's true that dungeon level 98 is more dangerous than 78, the loot on 98 is significantly better. Much more potions of Life and scrolls of rune of protection at the bottom of the dungeon. You'll want to carry rods/wands of TO down there, though, as there are much more monsters you'll want to teleport away at those depths, such as greater balrogs, black reavers etc.

6. I'd also keep an eye out for a strong weapon that "slays evil" as Morgoth resists all other slays and brands. Or any high dice weapon with extra attacks and big to-dam enchantments should do the trick. As a warrior, you want to do more than 450 damage per round to others or evil. I generally try to get my damage above 550 against Morgoth, who is "evil". When I play as a warrior, which is more than 90% of my games, I often carry two weapons with me for the final fight: 1 that is good against undead or is branded like your weapon is, and then one specifically suited for Morgoth: one with good damage to others or "slays evil". Actually, your weapon is very good, even to "others", which brings me to my final point:

7. For me, the dream in a randart game is to reach +20 speed without wearing a ring of speed and to have max physical stats, which you almost do. This is because there are lots of super powerful rings of power in the randart set. I always try to get both fire and cold immunity. Other immunities are a nice bonus but not nearly as important. If you can get your speed up to +20 without wearing a ring of speed, then you can wear a ring of damage (+13 or higher should be your goal) or a ring of fire immunity. Or a ring of extra attacks!

ninja edit: i have a lot of youtube videos of me fighting morgoth. a search for morgoth fight angband should turn up some results.
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Thanks for all the answers and advices.

The actual described warrior found his grave cause of missing stun resistance, but i already got a new one nearly same level.

I use now Phase door quite often, getting used to it.

Guess it will take me a few lessons more before i reach the final battle.
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