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Tweaking the game to shorten/condense it

I think the main reason I die in this game is because I find it too long: I get bored and stop paying attention then die stupidly. I also have limited IRL time to play so I would like to see if I could reduce/condense the Vanilla experience in a smaller package.

I'm a big fan of Brogue where you can have a win in around 3hours, and the pace of the FrogComposBand "coffeebreak" mode is spot-on for me (altough I can't speak of its length as I only played the early game), especially the quick leveling & loot progression.

I read about TinyAngband and QuickBand (never tested them), but I would like to still benefits from V improvements of the last couple years, which must be possible since almost all game data is now editable in .txt format (thanks awesome devs).

So, anyone familiar with the code/mechanics have any suggestions/idea?
I was thinking about:
- Reducing the dungeon size & depth but keep the vault density in the lower levels. I love "single-screen" levels like Brogue or early Infra Arcana so I'll aim for that.
- Lowering the max number of monsters per level but keep the average monster density,
- Increase the loot drop & adjust the loot table to match with the shorter dungeon depth.
- Increase the XP gain
- Maybe reduce MAX_RANGE & MAX_SIGHT. Are launchers & breathers max range hard coded or are they using those variables?

Am I forgetting something important? Do you have any input?

I'm not good at math, I guess dividing or multiplying all current values by a common factor (ie 5) would not be optimal/balanced?
Has anyone already tried to achieve something similar?
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