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Terminal Window Layout

So the X11 version of the game opens different windows to show different information, and they can be moved individually around the screen wherever one wishes. I noticed the GCU / Terminal version is much more limited. I edited src/main-gcu.c to approximate my favorite window layout, and this is the result:

I think this is pretty similar to how mainline Angband is presented on I couldn't figure out how to get a sil-q layout like this on If anyone else wants to explore GCU layouts, my changes to the code are here:

In working on this, I noticed that angband added a bunch of "black magic" code to expose layout options as command line options. It might not be a huge lift to port this over, but it is hard for me to tell. I don't have enough C experience. I like running sil in a terminal so I can use my own fonts and don't have to fiddle with dragging windows into position. When I noticed that was also using the GCU version, I thought I would share my own customizations in case there is broader appeal.
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I was the one who transferred the black magic code from poschengband into angband in the first place, and many other variants besides. The version of Sil on has these edits, so you can specify the size of subwindows when you play, it's just not particularly useful since Sil stripped out all of the code for choosing which subwindow does what.
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Nice, Gwarl! Well, you did a nice job of calculating all the window placements and building in checks when the requested positions and the terminal window don't line up.

With Sil, the contents of a window seem to be hardcoded, as you say, where the data and the terminal go together. But it still let me place (in my case) the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th window while skipping the 4th and 5th.

I see it now that works with the window sizes on Sil. I initially put in bad values and it kept dying. It looks like sil-q doesn't have that feature, though.
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If you're looking for a Sil-Vanilla suggestion on, try fontname default, 11.5 fontsize, then 60-28-0-20 in that order if you have a 1920x1080 screen. I get the best results this way (specific to Sil-Vanilla only)
My best try at PosChengband 7.0.0's nightmare-mode on

If I'm offline I'm probably in the middle of maintaining Gentoo or something-Linux or other.

As of February 18th, 2022, my YouTube username is MidgardVirtuoso
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