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two rings

Playing a dwarf warrior in V3.1.2, killed S, borderline ready for M, wielding =dam+15 and =speed+11. Not too shabby. Or so I thought.

I go back to DL 100 for another trip to try to kill some uniques with annoying escorts. Instead I get =speed+16 from a water troll in a lesser vault, and I get The One from a checkerboard vault. Either one alone would be amazing, but I got both on the same DL. I guess the RNG was making up for giving me only one !DEX all game.
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Your challenge is now to kill Morgy without using any scrolls.
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Your fortune has guaranteed your demise.

We will send a ham.
A(3.1.0b) CWS "Fyren_V" NEW L:50 DL:127 A++ R+++ Sp+ w:The Great Axe of Eonwe
A/FA W H- D c-- !f PV+++ s? d P++ M+
C- S+ I- !So B ac++ GHB? SQ? !RQ V F:
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