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Pete Mack
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monster stunning needs a little tweak

Given that stunning is only done by mages, and generally at a distance, I had assumed that it increased spell fail rate. But not so. It does wreck monster melee by 25% to both to_hit and damage. But it only reduces spell rate by 1/10, via the one in ten chance for the monster to lose a turn. I'd rather see a 1 in 6 or 7 (roughly 15%) increased chance of spell failure. That makes stunning viable. As it stands, it only helps vs monster groups, as they lose turns at 1 in 10 per monster, while you lose a turn (or get only 50% of normal spell damage) only one in roughly 10 turns (at speed 30). Versus a single monster, this is pretty much a wash. So I rarely use it, despite it being a cool feature. It's better in melee: the player loses 1 turn in 10, but the monster loses up to 50% (or more, if you have very high AC) in damage. Perhaps I should start carrying Raal's as a rogue.
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