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Question AC in 3.5.1

Hey folks, long time reader, first time poster here...

I'm a beginner to middling player. I've gotten down below dungeon level 40 a few times, but I almost always die before stat gain. That being said, my "theoretical knowledge" of the game is probably a bit better than my "practical knowledge."

Anyway, that's just some context. The real question is "how does AC *really* affect the game?" The reason I'm asking is that I have three pieces of armor that are each pretty nice, but the effect of AC will greatly determine which I choose:

* White Dragon Scale Mail of Craftsmanship [14,+26]
* Metal Brigandine Armour (Dwarven) (-3) [48,+22] <+2, +1>
* Bar Chain Mail of Elvenkind (-2) [45,+9] <+1> {RSound}

My character, a mage, is currently level 27 on DL 31, and I have the basic resistances from my Wicker Shield of Resistance [2,+16]. As a result, the Elvenkind armor seems like a "put in the home in case I get a better shield" option. I have been using the DSM for several levels now, and I really like the breath weapon activation of it. It really makes my mana last longer. The Dwarven armor, though, seems to have a *ton* of AC and some stat bonuses to boot. Granted, they are physical stats, and I'm a caster.

What are your thoughts. I'm looking for not just a selection but also an explanation behind it. The "because" is far more interesting to me.

Thanks in advance!
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