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Originally Posted by Bandobras
I guess Anne meant "Inspect" (show details about the object), e.g. by pressing 'r' when looking at a distant object. I might have been possible in old V, at least for objects not in a stack. Anne, please correct me if I'm wrong.
Yes, that's what I should have said. Sorry for not being clear - too many distractions when I was writing that post. The thing is that if I know something about an object in my hands, then I know the same about it if I see it across the room. Maybe this is more helpful to people still relatively new to the game or those who haven't played for awhile - a veteran player would probably have memorized what a Potion of Whatsis is good for, but a new person encounters a lot of new objects in a short period of time and can't remember details about everything they've examined. Being able to 'recall' info about an item is much easier than having to write everything down in a text file if we want to remember which thing does what, or having to walk over and pick it up to see those details.
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You can recall object knowledge in the knowledge menu when you press "|"

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Pete Mack
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What anne wants (and I've had the same idea) is to be able to look at an already ID'ed pile and see whether the particular Armor of Elvenkind (+2) provides RConf rather than RFear. I've never really had a strong opinion about the lack, but I have occasionally noticed it.

But yes, using ? or | (depending on which keyset) will bring up a useful overview of the type.
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Thank you, Pete, I'm not very good at explaining my thoughts with this sort of thing.

And you're right, there's the knowledge screen for basic information about an object type. But even so, I suppose I'm probably spoiled by Un, because you can just 'look' at an object and then 'recall' brings up the details - 2 keystrokes, no muss, no fuss (although it doesn't work for objects in piles, which would be helpful). Having to get it by way of the knowledge screen requires 2 keystrokes to get into the appropriate knowledge section, then scroll down the list to find the object category, then scroll down the individual objects to find the item, and then another keystroke to see the details about it. I don't mean to sound critical - the knowledge sections are very well done - I just like the convenience of two clicks.
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I think it would be cool if the *slays* would let you detect whatever it aided in slaying. Kind of like Elvish swords glowing when orcs are about. Then your *Slay* Dragon would let you detect dragons. I think it would add a little flavor and fit in with the world also, as well make them all a little better, too.
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Dual wielding...

I still miss the primary and secondary weapon slots that exchange with X... I don't like getting bonuses from both the bow and weapon simultaneously...
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Poop Loops
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Dual weilding would be awesome, but I think we'd need a whole new class just for that, to nerf its defense to compensate for the attack.
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Big Al
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I don't think that anything would have to be nerfed too badly, depending how it was implemented; if eg. you got one attack with your main weapon, then one attack with your offhand, it would be about the same as getting two attacks with your main. If you could only use the offhand weapon in your shield slot, any equipment bonuses from the offhand weapon would be offset by not getting any bonuses from your shield. I know some variants have introduced offhand weapons, but I've never really played around with them much.
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Poop Loops
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I was thinking you'd get your weapon instead of your shield, but get extra attacks (maybe 50% more?) or something. The whole point of the extra weapon would be to become the world's greatest killing machine.

Taking CON down by a point or two as a class penalty wouldn't be too bad. I mean, Rangers traditionally have dual-wield, but they already have the ranged side of the game covered, so I don't know about having an extra feature just for them.

It could either be something like a brute force barbarian, or a cunning assassin type (with two light weapons only, but a STR penalty). It would be either a special case of a Warrior or Rogue in that case, which I don't like too much, either, because that's not different enough.

I don't think anybody would be for modifying the Warrior or Rogue that way, either. That seems too fundamental of a change for V.
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Working on artifacts for the User Manual, I noted the following errors in the artifacts.txt file:

Necklace of the Dwarves: carencet > carcenet
Ring of Barahir: twinned >? twined
Power Dragon Scale Mail 'Bladeturner' untramelled > untrammelled
Bastard Sword Calris: incused >? incised (incused is a real word, but not sure this is what was meant)
Bastard Sword Calris: hint > hilt
Broad Sword 'Aeglin' coved > covered
Spear Nimloth: silvan >? sylvan; although the elves are Silvan, a shaft should probably be sylvan
Lochaber Axe Mundwine: filleted >? filigree
Trident of Ulmo mightest > mightiest
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