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Originally Posted by Thraalbee View Post
I use Round Shield of Deflection [+2,1d4] a lot with Evasion builds. Those characters are typically not very strong anyway and another +2 to evasion can make quite a difference. Not long ago I reached evasion 41 before throne room. Won the game even if I failed to kill Morgoth. On the other hand he had no chance to get a direct hit unless I was blind, in a pit or similar.
I bet riposte was sweet with that much evade!

So an edit to my top post. Eliminate #5 obviously. And the 3d3 shield. What about the rest? I've used shields at times but they really seem to lack end game.
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bagori nd
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I don't think shields need a buff. Sure, they fall off in late game, but that's just because protection in general falls off in late game. (Even then, artefact or deflection shields are still often worth it.) In early to mid game they can drastically cut down on the damage you take when combined with decent armor, especially against archers.
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Originally Posted by xorzac View Post
Dodge boosts evade by 3, which helps, as I posted elsewhere, keep moving. Exploit the AI and force them to waste turns moving.

I usually get clarity or a helm swap for res conf/stun. I have fear res too.
I know and I noticed, but I am talking about entrancement. Sure, you can avoid most dragons, but no one ever tries entrancing you?

Fwiw, I find shields really useful midgame and I appreciated artefact shields much more when I played no-ability runs (the swan shield most of all).
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A shield of frost or hador's shield is going to be nice in the throne room if you've got a lot of big breathers, same with deflection on a riposte build. Some weapons will handle Morgoth even with a shield & there's no reason to go without the extra protection if you can kill him with.
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