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Well after another long break from Angband, giving the new version a whirl (posted my char on ladder, pretty ready for winning haha ). My feelings:

After a while the id rune system sure takes some of the hassle off, heh. All good there IMHO, pretty okay balance between slow start and hassle free end.

No id for consumables, again, feels like a good balance. Using stuff at town level if wanting to be safe, ya know ...

Traps. Well. The old system was just tedium for "skilled" players. I had already coded my personal version anyways. Feels pretty good. I had one trapdoor fall that lost me some opportunity at stuff at the early/mid levels. Mostly I think it's just knowing the game in-n-out that made me mostly just ignore and plow through the traps in the way anyways. But atleast the tedium is gone in the Vanilla.

What else was there ... well I still play with a modified home inventory size as I'm just not one to want to spend too much time at town level just figuring which items to keep ... and I play with random artifacts so it would take a looot of time.
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Every so often I run across a new room type or vault that makes exploring Angband new and fun again. Came across the Greater Flower vault, which was really quite fun. Each little room had to be opened up by digging through the treasure in the wall, with a good bunch of nasty monsters hiding inside. Looks like HallucinationMushroom designed it (according to vault.txt). Thanks, it was quite fun.
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