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The bigger the dice, the bigger the brand

I found a ring of brand your melee attacks with cold. So a 1d3 dagger has about a 20% increase in damage to cold. A 2d5 long sword about a 40% increase. My 6d10 trident does 375 to others and 790 to those not resistant to cold and lightning (it itself having a lightning brand). Now, is this something that needs to be looked at? because this seems a bit overpowered for the brands to do so much more damage on high dice weapons. It seems the higher the dice, the greater the increase in branding damage. Don't get me wrong, 790 to most things is quite fun, but seems a bit overpowered! The enchantment on my 6d10 trident is only (+14, +5).
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You are quite correct on how it works; the brand multiplies the dice value by 3 (2 for weak brands) before adding on the + to damage. So big dice weapons are the best ones to have a brand.
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Pete Mack
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That said, 6d10(!) Seems excessive. That is 33 base damage, without slays, brands, or criticals. You get
max blows with almost no effort early in the game. The ONLY comparable weapon in normal artifacts, is Deathwreaker, at 31.5 base damage. Yeah, it does more criticals, but it's hard to get even 5 blows with it. And you can't get extra blows, and you almost never find it anyway.
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bah, call me when you get a rin of +2 attacks with acid or slayevil brand.

don't forget +11 speed.
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