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yes, i know that, but it's not what i wanted to know. to be honest, i've been asking this question for a while but i'm getting surprisingly vague answers.

my game has an artifact pool of 137 artifacts. we'll consider the depth in a second.

normally, the lower i go in the dungeon, the more likely that i will find an artifact.

Now, from observation, the larger the number of artifacts not spawned, the more likely that drops/spawns will be artifacts. I must assume that the game checks each artifact that has (depth=currentDL) to see if it spawns.

This likely means that if i run through DL127, i will get the biggest number of artifacts in the smallest number of turns.

However, while the above holds true (if i dive faster, i start to see artifacts drop like candy), once i reach a certain depth, nothing seems to spawn or drop. I've spent all of yesterday, i don't know how many hours, on DL97 grinding for drops, killing every type of Wyrm and Pit Fiend and Archlich and i have seen maybe two artifacts, out of 57 still out there.

And the depth spread is well within my current DL (for most).

The same works for uniques. I'm looking for Osse, and since he spawns on DL65~ish, if i find a GV on DL97, he should totally be there if i haven't killed him already - but he's not.

This leads me to think i should maybe go back up to DL65 to find him.

note that artifacts not spawning reinforces the idea that each available depth artifact gets checked for, as more artifacts already found = less checks being made.
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