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Question Mindcrafter damage on lvl >25

Playing as mindcrafter in FrogComposband. Everything was pretty fine up until now. I am now lvl 27 and using pulverize spell to do almost all of my damage that is 14d8 (14-112) now and it seems that this is not quite enough for me to be at Castle lvl 32, especially when unique monsters appear.

So I have 2 questions:
  1. What is the most common pattern of damage dealing for mindcrafter? Melee, bows, devices, magic only, some combination of all of them?
  2. What increases mindcrafter's abilities damage? From what I understand it mostly Wis and CLVL that affect how much damage I can deal.

Any other hists are welcome as well.

Thank you
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Does the following link help:
In the dump Elliptic writes "I used melee for most of the game after pulverize became too weak, only switching to psychic storm for a few uniques in endgame"

The creation screen for mindcrafters shows that wisdom is the skill stat, so I think only wisdom and maybe character level effects skill damage
There are those items that increase spell damage for mages, do they work for mindcrafters
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From what I recall, Mindcrafters get amazing utility spells, but their damage is not great. You should not expect to be killing high-value targets solely with spells past...uh, let's say 1500' or so. Just enjoy your cheap detection/enlightenment, targeted teleportation, mass teleport-away, stunning, and SP drain abilities.
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Basically, a weaker Warrior with a ton of free inventory space as many scrolls, rods, and wands can be left at home.
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frogcomposband, mindcrafter

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