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Yes, Angband is the "vanilla" version of the -bands.

To make a character dump, bring up the character screen (C), then type f to create a dump. You can either upload a character file to the ladder or use it here.

A rangers main weapon should be the bow. Make sure to always have enough arrows. Later on, with upped stats and a good weapon rangers can also be reasonable good at melee. But they get an extra shot with the bow and can do really high damage with an enchanted or artifact bow and enchanted or branded ammo.

Spells are more for helping to get along; you cannot do enough damage with spells alone or rely on them.

As for diving - char level = dungeon level should be appropriate if you have the resistances for certain depths.

As for that - rings of protection are not that great. You might want to replace them - see invisible will soon be necessary, also free action. (There are also other items that could help you with that.) I would wear that see invisible ring - some invisible creatures can reduce your stats.

Your sword at home does you no good, you can sell it. Try to get a light weapon with as many blows as possible, or at least as much damage. One of the better ego weapons would come in handy, like a sword with see invisible and / or free action.

Don't carry heavy stuff around that would slow you down.

Potions of speed can sometimes be found on shallow levels. Items with +speed are relatively rare and show up deeper.
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