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Almost ready to dive...

I'm almost finished with stat gain. Jumping between dl34 and 35, killing dragons / trolls / and orcs.

Only a few more points to max out my stats, but I'm still missing poison & blindness resistance. And I haven't found Mordenkainen's Escapes, yet.

So how deep can I safely dive without poison & blindness res? I'm afraid to go much below dl38...
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Donald Jonker
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Well I'm no expert, but I usually keep going down without stopping for statgain or rPois. So long as you keep detecting and bailing straight out of situations with AMHDs (I play with connected stairs), you should be okay despite the lack of resistance. Don't get me wrong, I've only made it to 3000' a couple of times, but I never die to poison breaths, since I'm careful about detecting. I imagine the pros will tell you the same.
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If you play with connected stairs the only thing that will kill you will be either something you should have avoided or too many hounds in the same room as the stairs you used to enter the level.

That's my experience of wandering around 3000' with no SI/FA/rBlind/rPois. I die due to trying to track down o's or p's or something else that looks tempting.
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