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Good point Pete, thanks!
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If anyone wants to try my rudimentary autoexplore and autofight, it's on the autoexplore branch of my repo on GitHub.

Burst autoexplore is p in both modes; autofight is f in VI and j in normal.

One change that I need to break out on its own is that CMD_PATHFIND will now stop at an adjacent passable square if asked to go somewhere that isn't passable (e.g. You want to go to a door. Previously you'd need to click on the square next to the door. Now you can just click on the door.)
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Originally Posted by Cuboideb View Post
Good observation.

Two unexpected issues I found with this port are:

1. Input speed. There is plenty of room to simplify the input method, but I noticed something. Angband players type really fast (you can hear it in youtube), so I tried to improve the port in that way (full keyboard, automatic display of menu options for the ribbon, floating buttons, etc.) instead of going for less amount of input widgets.
I've been enjoying trying to use only the Dpad and the Enter menu for anything that isn't combat or running (floating buttons and ribbon keymaps for those). I've added optimizing the taxonomy of the Enter menu to my QoL list. It takes slightly longer but the crowdedness is less noticeable and it's less mentally taxing once you learn where everything is (e.g. Enter Enter Up Enter gets you to the (U)se screen).

Buying is the major pain point currently (but will be resolved in the next release, hopefully).

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