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Stun Resistance vs. Damage against Morgoth

Hello all.
After a couple of dumb losses (aren't they always in retrospect?) I'm almost ready to dive to 100 with my warrior character again. I've been gifted just about everything this game, if I can't win with the kit I have I can't win period. I'm actually not much more powerful now than I was 5 CLs ago (I'm CL 49 now) just more HP. I didnt have enough consumables then though or I would have dove, and I have no greater number now because fighting all of the uniques between then and now keeps them at about the same amount every time I clear a level. I guess the positive side of that is that I wont be seeing them during the fight.

I've beaten Sauron 3 or 4 times now and I have to say each time was surprisingly easy. Ive had much more difficulty with other uniques in past games. But each time I would do something stupid like fight Morgoth somewhat drunk (Im not proud), or decide I was sick of TPing away the Terrasque and completely underestimating his speed and letting him get 2 breath attacks in a row. I never really dug into the nuts and bolts of the damage or speed stats. Another thing I never did was use resist potions, I had resistances, i didn't appreciate how important the other buffs were. Ancalagon also gave me a lesson on that. So I have been smarter and definitely luckier with drops this game.

I dont think I have adequate consumables from what Ive read. People talk about needing dozens of them, seems a bit excessive (says the guy who always loses). I have 7 *healing*, 4 rods of healing, 4 Life, 3 healing, and only 6 CCW (that one definitely is worrisome to me). I have 6 mass banishment, no shortage of *destruction*.

So I guess I have 2 questions. Is that a realistic amount of consumables? I understand there are no guarantees and I guess it sounds like I need my hand held but is that even in the ballpark of consumables? I can stop fighting uniques and focus on gathering them if not but it gets boring I have 1k+ HP and around 220 AC depending what I wear. Nobody I have fought has been a challenge for a long time, but I know I have to be careful vs Morgoth and not just keep hitting him and repeatedly whacking the space bar like last time. A couple of mana storms and im toast.

And finally to my original question, sorry for the long digression. Damage vs stun resistance. How important is stun resistance against him? How reliable is it? My sustains are all covered, and the necessary resistances. I have nenya but I havent been using it. If I swap out my damage ring for nenya, I gain stun resistance but my damage vs evil drops from 699 to 642.

Is that a good swap? I guess if I choose the damage over stun protection I will need a lot more CCW. But it's hard to stay at 99 long enough for the stores to regenerate them without using consumables.

That's way too long, I apologize, but on the other hand I first played this game in the 90s and Ive never won so I allowed myself a 5 minute post Thank you for any advice.

edit - one more question. Im a little confused about speed. I can fight morgoth with 30 or 31 (with potions of course) , i forget what resistance i would lose but it's not a crucial one. Deos 31 give you an edge against him, or does it just mean each 30 turns you would get an extra? That wouldnt be significant I dont think.

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