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Share your memorably near-death experiences

So this thread isn't so much about sharing a time where you simply came close to dying; but those times where it was some odd twist or other than either landed you in grave danger, or rescued you!

To get the ball rolling, I found myself last night staring death in the face, although my HP never actually got low.

I was in a new-style room, with mini sub-rooms, each subroom was filled with potions. The room became filled with Hummerhorns; which breed, hit, and confuse. I did not have confusion resistance. I thought I had a potential cure - Mushroom of Fast Recovery - but I learnt that actually doesn't cure confusion

I had plenty of !CSW but no hope of escape, I couldn't reach the doors, I was getting 'more confused' every turn, I couldn't WOR, or cast spells... HP fell slowly, and sooner or later I would run out of health potions.

What did I do:
  • Drink a potion of speed - increasing the chance I could move into any empty spaces that opened up.
  • Kept attacking/moving randomly, and got lucky that I 'escaped' into a side room.
  • Closed the door (blessed doors!) No idea if I got lucky closing the door or if confusion doesn't inhibit that.
  • Only had 1 Hummerhorns in the subroom with me, and it was only 3 spaces big, so I got the situation under control
  • Hummerhorns can't open or bash doors! Thank goodness.

It was a strange feeling having recovered full health in that little 3x1 subroom; knowing if I walked out into the main room I was pretty much a dead dwarf, at the mercy of those little insects!

That's the first time speed + random movement and closed door has combined to save me!

What stories do you have?
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